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Draft Overview solidwork

The draft features a 3d application to make the slope of the surface using a certain angle to a selected surface in 3D modeling. We can enter the draft in part that we want. we can apply the concept of the draft to a solid or surface model. We can determine the type of drafting with the following methods: -Neutral plane Parting line- Draft-Step Neutral Plane Draft We can make a feature taper model chosen by using Plane neutral and face a certain angle, to determine the direction of making the mold. We also can apply the concept of angle as part of the base extrusion, boss, or cut. Neutral Plane To make draft Click the Draft button in the toolbar features, or Insert, Features, Draft. In Property Manager: Select Neutral Plane in the draft. In the Draft Angle, set the value to degrees. Draft angle measured perpendicular to the plane of neutral. Select a face or plane to plane Neutral. If necessary, select Reverse obliquity draft in the opposite direction. Select the faces to the draft in the area of graphics for the Faces, which will be made. All Faces. The concept of all face is extruded from the neutral plane. Inner Faces. The concept of all parts of a face is extruded from the neutral plane. Outer Faces. The concept of all the outer face neutral plane. Detailed click Preview to preview the draft. Click OK to create the draft. Using the Neutral Plane as a type of draft, we can design some outer face, all face the outside, some face in all inner faces, faces a tangent, or a combination of both inner and outer faces faces. In Property Manager, under a Face, select Face value propagation. Face Propagation Selection in the Graphics Area Draft Results None. Only a selected face in the draft. Face above is used as a Neutral Plane in all instances. Along Tangent. Extend the draft to all face that intersect with the selected face. Face out, including one of the face that we choose the Extrude boss. All face. Draft all face in addition to the neutral plane and extruded from the neutral plane. inner faces include face on three Ekstrud boss. Inner Faces. Draft all the inner faces are extruded from the neutral plane. Outer Faces. Draft all the outer faces outwardly neutral plane.

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