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Make line AutoCAD

In a 2D drawing after we determine the size of the paper / work area / layout is to make the line suitable form we want. There are many ways that can be done in drawing the line, this line can also the change of color, line type-stirp would strip, or strip-strip-dots or other reply. Every single line segment can be edited separately from other line segments in the series. 
We can close the sequence of line segments so that the first and last segments are joined.
We can set the line properties including color, linetype, and lineweight.
For more information about properties, see Control Properties of Objects.
 The steps commonly performed in a standard which makes the line is: -Click the line on the toolbar or select menu draw draw - line. - Click the starting point for making the line / start point -Determine the length of the line at the command line with the figures -Press enter to terminate a command image 

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