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To create a dimension angle (Angular Dimensions)

We can also determine the dimensions of angle by determining the angle point and end point.

When we make a dimension, we can modify the contents of text and harmony before deciding on the location of the line dimensions.

We can make the dimensions of the baseline and angle relative to the dimensions of the existing angle.

Corner of Baseline and dimensions are limited to 180 degrees or less. To obtain baseline and follow-dimensional angle greater than 180 degrees,

use grip editing to stretch the location of line extensions of existing basic or advanced dimensions.

Dimension Lines

If we use two straight, nonparallel lines to determine angle, dimension line arc spans the angle between two lines.

If the dimension arc line does not meet one or both of the dimension line, AutoCAD draws one or two line extensions to cut the dimension arc line. arc is always less than 180 degrees.

Dimension Circles and Arcs

If we use the arc or a circle or three points to determine the angle, arc-dimensional AutoCAD draw the line between line extensions.

Extension line drawn from the point of intersection of the line endpoint to arc dimensions.

We specify a location to determine the dimension arc line quadrant of the angle dimension.

To create a dimension angle (Angular Dimensions)

From the Dimension menu, select the angle.

Use one of the following methods:

For the dimension of the circle, select the circle at the end point from the point first and then determine the end point of the second corner.

For dimensions of other objects, select the first row, then select the second row.

Enter the options as needed:

To edit the text content of the dimensions, enter t (text) or m (multiline text). Editing or overwrite in brackets (<>) change or eliminate the value dimension is calculated by AutoCAD. Adding text before or after the parentheses add text before or after the value dimensions.

To edit a point of dimension text, insert (Angle).

Determine the location dimension arc line

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