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Autocad Tutorial The Drawing Units Setup

The drawing units setup, the metric method of measurement, known as the International System of Units or SI, was originally set up in 1960 to address the issue of a number of diverging metric systems and to coordinate and standardize those systems. Most metric drawings and/or models use kilometers, meters, and millimeters, where one kilometer = 1,000 meters, and one meter = 1,000 millimeters. 
We must determine the value of the units in meters, centimeters or millimeters.
Steps should we do in setting the size of a unit in AutoCAD is:
1. Type in the command line: Units
2. Drawing Units dialog box appears.
3. In the Drawing Units dialog box
Choose type: decimal.
Precision: 0.00,
Units to scale inserted content: millimeters
Units for specifying the intensity of lighting: International.
4. Select OK to exit the Drawing Units Setup box

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