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AutoCAD 2012

Now we will learn autocad by trying to use the latest version of AutoCAD 2012
The first step we must do in order to use AutoCAD 2012 is the software to install via CD-ROM.
If we are not used to install AutoCAD, we can ask for help from someone familiar with the computer system.
For those who want to try to install itself, steps should be taken to install AutoCAD 2012 is:
1. Run AutoCAD Installation Wizard (SETUP.EXE) from the CD or the hard drive
2. Choose the language bahasa (language) used to install and click Install Product
3. In the Select the Product to Install, checklists Autodesk Autocad 2012 and 2012 Material Library and then click Next
4. At the License Agreement, Select I Accept and click Next
5. In the User and Product Information, the contents of the required data and fill in the serial number and product key / keygen, then click Next.
6. On the Begin Installation, click Install, and when asked whether to use the default configuration / settings,
click yes. Because by default, will install AutoCad for personal computers.
7. Wait until the program finished installing AutoCad.
8. Click Finish.
AutoCAD has finished installed on the computer.
If we use the activation code crack for Autocad how to extract the crack in the CD to the AutoCad program file that is installed in C: \ Program Files \ Autodesk \ AutoCAD 2012 - Home
By default, AutoCAD put a shortcut on the desktop. We can double-click this shortcut to launch AutoCAD or it can from the start> Programs> Autodesk> AutoCAD 2012> AutoCAD 2012.
Creating a New Image
Once we install the AutoCAD program, will automatically open a new image / blank with the name Drawing1.dwg.
AutoCAD 2012 offers lots of workspace including drafting & Annotation, 3D basics, 3D modeling, Autocad Classic.
When we first opened autocad default screen will appear. If we are going to work in 2D in AutoCAD,
steps we have to do is:
1. Switching from the Workspace menu pop-up window, select the 2D Drafting & Annotation. This shows
ribbon with 2D commands.
2. Select Button Application> New. From the Select Template dialog box, select acad.dwt and
click Open. This puts you in a 2D display on and off the grid.

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