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Make a sketch rectangle UniGRAPHICS

In making the rectangle are many steps that we can do, including making a rectangle by selecting the two diagonal corners. By using the cursor to determine the angle, this allows us to see the rectangular before it actually made. Rectangles created in the XC-YC plane, YC, ZC, or XC-ZC. The Rectangle option provides the option to make the curve and sketch steps to create a rectangle: 1. Make the first corner; using Point Constructors or enter the input coordinates. 2. Making the second corner; by pulling the cursor to the desired location and click a mouse button or enter the coordinates.
We can make the sides of rectangular horizontal or vertical grid associated with the sketch. For the rectangle side that is on a different orientation, create a line of Parallelogram. In addition, to make a rectangle: 1. Click Rectangle on the Sketch toolbar, or Tools, Sketch Entity, Rectangle. 2. Click to place the first end of the rectangle, drag, and release when the rectangle according to the size and shape.

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