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Solidwork : Creating a new plane with arc or curve

The first step we have to do is click on the toolbar Plane Geometry references, or click Insert, Reference Geometry, Plane. The PropertyManager Plane will appear. In the selection, select the type of plane that we want to create and the items to make a plane: For the Normal Curve. Create a plane through point and perpendicular to the edge or curve. Select the edges or curves, and dots. Select Set the origin on the curve of a check box to the place of origin on the curve, the default is to place the origin point  
We only select the curve to create a new plane. Plane perpendicular to the end of the curve. The selected items will appear in the Reference Entities box. A preview of the new plane appears in the graph area. Click OK to create the plane. new plane appears in the graphics area and te rdaftar in FeatureManager design tree. To cancel the transaction, click cancel. To create a plane, click save in PropertyManager Plane will be displayed.

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