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make 3d

On this occasion we will start using the existing facilities in Unigraphics to draw 3dimensi. One of the facilities we will use to draw 3d is Extrude Use this facility to create a body with sweeping 2D or 3D profile curve, edge, face, sketch or feature curve is linear distance in a certain direction. Boolean option allows us to create, together, cut the object that we make. The steps create a simple extrusion using a sketch 1. Select the Extrude option, a dialog bar that displays the Extrude dialog. 2. Setting Selection of Intent to Add Connected. 3. To select a set of strings profile curve or edge, or a sketch. Preview display features extruded using a default value. 4. Limit Pull the handle, or use the distance field in the dialog box or in a dynamic input to the desired size of the extrusion. 5. Click OK. Recommended extrusion has been made

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