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Mirror Autocad

Menu mirror creates a mirror image of an object. This menu is very useful to create symmetrical objects because we can quickly draw half the object and then reflects the image the whole objects. we flip the object on the axis, called the mirror line to create a mirror image. To determine the line of the mirror while, we enter two points. we can choose whether to remove or retain the objects asli.Mirroring work in parallel to the plane XY of the current UCS.
If we are to mirror the text, attributes, and attribute definitions,
results will be inverted or reversed in mirror image.
To prevent this from happening, set MIRRTEXT system variable to 0 (off).
Results text will then have the same alignment and justification as before reflecting.
By default, MIRRTEXT inactive.
To make a mirror object:
1. From the Modify menu, select Mirror. 2. Select the object to the mirror. 3. Specify the first point of mirror line. 4. Specify the second point. 5. Press ENTER to retain the original object, or enter y to delete the object in a mirror.

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