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Unigraphics Extruded Body

If we edit the features that have been made with Extruded Body, we may see Extruded Body dialogs rather than current bar Extrude dialog bar.
In this case, we can do Editing.
Features that are made with Body Extruded
Extruded named, while creating a new feature called Extrude Extrude.
Both functions Extruded Body same as sweeping a profile, even though
the new Extrude is much more efficient, easier to use, and have more options.

Once we select a string for the section, we can select from the following methods:
Extruded Body Methods
Direction & Distance
Determine the location and thickness of the body in the unit distance along the specified direction. 
Trim to Face / Plane
Set limits by showing Face extrusion or datum on the target.
Trim Between Two Faces / Planes
Determine the extrusion limit by showing Two Faces / Planes from solid targets through which the extruded sketch.
Through Multiple Agency
Allows us to reduce the swept feature or from multiple target bodies.

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