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The new features rib

The Rib PropertyManager appears when we make new features rib, or when we are editing an existing feature rib.
PropertyManager controls the following properties:
Thickness. Adding thickness to the selected side of the sketch. Select one of the following:
First Side. Adding material to only one side of the sketch.
Both Sides. Adding the same material to both sides of the sketch.
Second Side. Adding material just to the other side of the sketch.
Rib Thickness. If we add the draft, we can adjust the thickness of the sketch plane or at the interface of the wall.
In the sketch plane
At the wall interface
Extrusion Direction. Select one of the following:
Parallel to Sketch. Creating rib extrusion parallel to the sketch.
Normal to Sketch. Creating normal rib extrusion sketch.
Flip material side. Changing the direction of extrusion.
Draft On / Off. Adding draft rib bone. Set the Draft Angle to determine the degree to draft.
Draft Outward (Available when the Draft On / Off selectable). Creating a design corner outside. If cleared, creating a design into the corner.

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