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Tutorial Unigraphics Creating a positioned 2D sketch

Creating a positioned sketch Unigraphics enables you to define explicitly the position of the sketch absolute axis. This offers the following advantages: When the geometry of the part evolves and the associated position of the sketch changes, the shape of the sketched profile (2D geometry of the sketch) remains unchanged (even if the sketched profile is under-constrained). Creating a positioned sketch also ensures associativity with the 3D geometry. Open the Positioned_sketch.CATPart document. You will now create a positioned sketch that will enable you to design the retaining bracket for this part. You will position the sketch absolute axis as follows: its origin will be on the axis of revolution, its horizontal (H) direction will be parallel to the flat face, its vertical (V) direction will be normal to the flat face. Make sure the Reference field is active, and select the blue surface (Shaft.1). The Sketch Positioning dialog box is updated: the Reference field now indicates the reference plane. Also, the Type fields of the Origin and Orientation areas are activated and the Implicit mode is pre-selected. Steps by steps tutorial : Open the file that will be modified. Modeling Run, application and create a layer Iayer work. Create a new sketch. - Select Sketch. - Click on the name of the sketch - Choose the face parts to be modified. By selecting the face on the top, the positive direction will lead XC pad away from the pointed end. Select OK. If our view is not visible, choose File-> Close-> Reopen Selected Parts. select Profile Make sure the list. Constraints to be set to All in Sketch On, Constraint Type is set to All, and Show Constraints set to explicit. There should be one horizontal and one vertical constraint Select Cancel. Constrained sketches. In the design, size must be controlled by determining the length of the horizontally and vertically. Select Dimensions. Select the horizontal line and place the dimension. Change the value and Enter.

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