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Solidworks Projected Sketch on Sketch

Step by Step make a Projected Sketch on Sketch

1. Create a sketch using the two pieces of the plane perpendicular to each other

    Create as an example in figure 1a & 1b

2. Select the menu Projected (Insert ==> Curve ==> Projected)

3. Select the type Projection Sketch on Sketch, select sketch 1a and 1b on the box
sketch choice. Select OK (green check mark)

4. The result will look like the figure 4

5. If we use to sweep the result will look just as figure 5

You can project a sketched curve onto a model face to create a 3D curve. You can also create a 3D curve that represents the intersection of two extruded surfaces generated by creating sketches on two intersecting planes. You can preselect items before you click Project Curve . If you preselect items, SolidWorks attempts to select the appropriate type of projection . You can right-click in the graphics area and select a projection type from the
shortcut menu. When you have selected enough entities to create a projected curve, the OK pointer appears. Right-click to create the projected curve. To project a curve: Click Project Curve on the Curves toolbar, or Insert, Curve, Projected. The Projected Curve PropertyManager appears. Under Selections, set Projection Type to one of the following: Sketch on Faces Sketch on Sketch A preview of the projected curve appears. Click OK to create the projected curve, or Cancel to cancel the transaction.

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