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AutoCAD Using Polar Tracking and PolarSnap

Because everything that you create requires some degree of precision, it is critical that you learn the different options for creating geometry accurately and yet efficiently. Previously, you learned how to enter coordinate data in the form of absolute and relative coordinates. These methods, though important, are not always the most efficient for creating geometry. Using polar tracking and PolarSnap, you can create geometry with the same precision as coordinate entry allows you, but more efficiently. To use these features, you need to adjust their options and turn them on using the status bar buttons. In the following illustration, the same paths are being drawn using polar tracking and PolarSnap. The alignment paths appear as dotted lines extended indefinitely from the point of your cursor. The polar tooltips display the current position of the cursor relative to the last point selected. The path on the left is using polar tracking with an absolute angle measurement, while the path on the right is using the Relative to Last Segment option. 
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