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Three section planes Solid surface models

You can use view 3d product solidworks with the section plane. You can create a section view, if you made design 3d, click shaded, click view isometric, Click on the section view in the Drawing toolbar, or click Insert, Drawing View, Section. You can use up to three section planes at once. Solid and surface models as well as assemblies can be sectioned. You can use the spin boxes, enter numbers manually, or drag the arrows that are attached to the section planes to move the section through the model. Section planes can also be rotated by dragging the border of the plane. To create the look of a multi-line, or using the line the middle as the line sections, sketch the line before clicking the tool Section View. Some of the lines can have the same label. If the line does not fully penetrate the bounding box of model in view, we are asked whether we want this to be partial cut. If you click Yes, See Section made as part of partial view.

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