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Workflow customization

To customize the user interface by work flow: Click Tools, Customize, or right-click in the window border and select Customize. On the Options tab, under Work flow customization, select one or more of: Consumer product design Machine design Mold design Click OK. Special menu and toolbar settings are made for Consumer product design, Machine design, or Mold design. After the software is initially installed, you only see this screen once, but you can change all the options in other places, including the Options tab in the Customize dialog box. The three-workflow customizations affect the interface as follows: Consumer product design adds the Surfaces toolbar to the CommandManager. Machine design adds Sheet Metal and Weldments toolbars to the CommandManager. Mold design adds Surfaces and Mold Tools toolbars to the CommandManager. Similar changes are made to the menus to hide or show menu selections as appropriate. You can find more information about hiding and showing menu items later in this chapter. If you want to select a different option after the initial setup, choose Tools ➪ Customize and click the Options tab, where you can specify a different choice. Figure 2.20 shows the Options tab of the Customize dialog box.

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