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Sketching without a plane

Each feature is a collection of sketches of two-dimensional curves and points in the plane that we specify. Features sketches are reusable objects that we can use to create new features from the other modeling features. Use Line to make a feature associative curve. Type of line we get depends on the type we combine, we can create different types of channels by combining different types of constraints. we also can make non-associative line with this option, aid plane used to define the line. we can let the plane or we can determine its own plane. we can use the boundaries to determine the long lines
To create a sketch, we have to do is:
1.Determine the distance value 2.Stop the line at the site constraints (such as the point of tangency) 3.Stop line on a selected object 4.we can use the features of associative lines for the project or intersecting geometry of the support plane. 5.associative curve is best used for small amounts associated with the geometry of curves and one another in 3D space. 6.If all the curves we are in the 2D plane may be easier to use sketches.

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