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Solidworks Tutorials Fillet Setback

Creates a smooth transition where fillet edges meet. Setback fillets. Defines a setback distance from a vertex at which the fillets start to blend The Fillet PropertyManager appears when you create a new fillet feature, or when you edit an existing fillet feature. The PropertyManager displays the appropriate options based on the type of fillet you create. The PropertyManager remembers its last used state. Setback fillet shown with Full preview , and with the same setback Distance of 12mm applied to all three edges. Setback fillet shown with Full preview , and with a different setback Distance applied to all three edges. 
FILLET with setback
Process sequence:
1. Select the Fillet feature
2. Select Constan radius and the content of the desired radius
3. Select the desired edge
4. Click the menu setback
5. Define the corner of the selected edge meeting
6. Determine the value setback (setback if the same value can click Set All or may also different value for masing2 side edge). In order to more clearly see the picture.

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